How to Choose the Lipstick

You have trouble when you need to buy a new lipstick, because you can’t find the exact color that advantages you? Read and learn what you should consider to make the best choice.

Skin color wise

Avoid strident colors if your skin is pale, or the contrast will be too big. Opt for a delicate hue, sweet and pastel and emphasize on the eye makeup and the cheeks. Pearly or glossy textures will give you a fresh look. If you have tan or dark skin, you may choose strong colors like dark red, Bordeaux, cherry, or nude, like beige or gold, if you’re going for an exotic look.

Eyes color and hair color wise

If you’re a blonde

The day makeup should be oriented to natural light colors that would not contrast with the hair color. Pink hues or peach are the best suited. Of the dark hues, choose bright red for a sexy refined look.

If your hair is brown

Take advantage of the medium hues, not to bright, not too light. Wear brick-red, fuchsia, medium cherry, mauve. You may choose for a combination of 2 different hues, for a cool effect.

If you’re a brunette

You’re lucky; almost all the hues look good on you, from the lightest to the darkest. But always be careful to match the lipstick with the rest of the makeup, for a perfect harmony.

If your eyes are black or brown

The live-looking lipsticks are the ones that emphasize the iris. Choose the ones with red pigment or the golden ones.

If your eyes are green or blue choose orange, lily or pink. These are the hues for you. Starting from these ones, use hues lighter or darker in intensity, depending on the effect you go for.

Lip shape wise

Fat lips

Even if almost any hue looks good on you, you should avoid bright colors, for they may seem vulgar. Try sweet ones instead, like peach, pink-rose, etc. Choose creamy textures and you won’t need lip gloss anymore.

Thin lips

Strong colors are thinning the lips. Use natural tones, that contour subtle the lips, without being too fade: orange, gold, light pink or light cyclamen. For extra volume to the lips, you may use a lip gloss with special ingredients or apply at the end of the makeup a clear lip gloss.

Asymmetrical lips

Avoid contour crayons, for those reveal even more the lips shape. The best option is replacing lipstick with colored gloss. Because of the shining, they blur the natural shape.

Always mind the hue of the lipstick when you use makeup.

Matte lipstick, transfer resistant, that maintain on the lips all day, are poor moisturizers, and this is exactly why you should avoid them if your lips are cracked or dry. Better try a creamy moisturizing vitamin rich lipstick.