Boston tattoo removal

Over the years, there have been several answers to the question of how to remove a tattoo. Recently, the most popular method is laser removal. This is because it is extremely effective without causing anything like the damage that earlier, surgical methods often brought about. In fact, with the new PicoSure laser, it is becoming possible to achieve the sought after goal of simply “erasing” a tattoo like pencil on paper, rather than ink inside skin.

The PicoSure is the most recent laser approved by the FDA to remove tattoos. It is extremely fast, and Tataway in Boston has had success with the new laser in as few as six treatment sessions. They’ve also been able to get results with stubborn colors like blue and green. They’ve now taken to combining treatment with the older RevLite laser to take advantage of the strengths of both machines.

Tataway has locations in New York, Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA, as well as for Boston tattoo removal.